Magical Girl Maho is a game where you play as a cute hammer wielding magical girl who flings metal balls at terrifying creatures of the night in order to befriend them.

Demo Day Version 0.1 contains 3 enemy types, which will spawn infinitely. Treat this as a very early gameplay demo showing off combat mechanics and not much more.

Current Features:

-3 mook types
-Combo + score system
-Cute, CUTE
-Projectile firing/combo system + charge system

Planned Features:

-2 bosses
-Reflectable enemy bullets
-Proper title screen art
-Easy -> Hard loop functionality

Please leave any thoughts or feedback in the comment section below, or you can access me on Discord, @Empty#1973

StatusIn development
Made withPICO-8
TagsCute, magical_girl, PICO-8, Shoot 'Em Up, Short
Average sessionA few minutes


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Just found this by accident and it's so cool and quirky! I love it!

so cuteeee!