Please note, we recommend playing the fullscreen executable version of GAIZAN rather than the WebGL one as it is less thoroughly tested. Thank you!

Welcome to New RoboNeoYork. The year is 2019.There is more CRIME than HUMANS. A city in strife. Ruled by a seedy underbelly of Mechanized Mafioso. You are GAIZAN! the Ace cop of RoboNeoYork’s RoboCop Police force! Created for the sole purpose of taking on and defeating all Mechanized Mafia in town…

Whenever a RoboCop is created they’re imbued with POWER . With this Power each RoboCop is able to purchase more POWERFUL weaponry by accessing shops (conveniently located within most major rooms). Use these weapons to your advantage to take on more and more powerful enemies for the sake of JUSTICE.

Explore the sprawling underground network created by the Mechanized Mafia with the help of RoboNeoYorks dutiful labor task force. Is it endless?… Take CONTROL of GAIZAN and bring MECHANIZED MAFIA to JUSTICE to find out.

How to play

  • Use W,A,S and D to move the player.
  • Mouse to look.
  • Left mouse click to fire.
  • Tab or Number keys to switch between weapons.
  • Use PWR (Power) to purchase new weapons. Be careful when you run out of power, you die.
  • E to interact.


  • 3D Models rendered in 2D
  • Random level generation.
  • Scaling difficulty.
  • A funky beat.
  • Sick references (mostly to anime).
  • Amazing particle effects.
  • Sort of janky looking enemies.
  • Punishing! (?) difficulty

Made with a lots of love and effort for Ludum Dare 44 by the following humans: Aidan Lee, Finn Teague-Moore, Duggan

We hope you enjoy 😊


We have fixed some game breaking bugs, this update is in “”. You can still access the original submission,


  • Pickups no longer block hitscans
  • Slowed down enemy health scaling
  • Fixed several issues where enemies would fall out of the level preventing progression
  • Fixed an issue preventing barrel pacifist runs
  • Support for OSX and Linux (Sorry, the original submission is unavailable for these platforms.)
  • WEBGL Build


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ok, but has some annoying bugs 

I haven't tried it as yet, but I'm sure the bugs in mine take all the prize haha, it's overloaded with them buggers :(